um..chapter 5 art?

Chapter 4 art for Periastron. c:

Decided to finally give Athir a solid, obnoxious design. Because he loves shinies. Once the game comes out and I can see what Inquisitor Rogues can where, I’ll do a more Inquisition take on what he would wear.

ITS BENE SO LONG SINCE PRON he’s so small compared to him omfg


"You know, just because someone is a mage, doesn’t mean you have to wear dresses and wave sticks around, ya?"

I love the idea of mages who become rogues or warriors, but incorporate their magic in some way. 

Me projecting onto Athir through an unfinished thing I should finish later. Anxiety relief 101-Art

late sketch for Periastron chapter 3!!

I’m a dreamer. My soon to be qunari mage inquisitor Oyun and then a dwarf inquisitor I want to base off of Inuit perhaps from the Anderfels?? idk But it is Suqi UoU

My future inquisitors

so, i haven’t solidified his outfit yet but I told ya’ll i wanted him with a starry sash thing

 Athir the Rivaini Rogue Elfquisitor! 

he likes gold and magenta who can blame him?

UM IDK Possible outfits for my Rogue Rivaini Elfquisitor, Athir?? IDEAS SUGGRSTIONS inquisitorcassandra idk  you’re better at this than mee

i want belllyyy somtimess